Try dive

Learning to dive is much easier than you might think, it is accessible to all over 14 years old. If you can swim reasonably well then you can learn to dive.

What to Expect from a Try Dive experience

We’ll meet you at the Hatfield swim centre on a pre-arranged Tuesday evening at 20.15, then we’ll have a chat about our club and you’ll receive some club information.  After that we’ll talk about the equipment that we will be using during the pool session, safety aspects and what we will do when we get into the water.
In the pool we will put the equipment on and try breathing underwater.  When you are comfortable, we’ll swim in the shallow lane of the pool and then gradually swim into the deeper parts of the pool.

After our session in the pool, we can have a chat about the whole experience and we will answer any questions you may have. If all goes well then you will be able to join the club and start your training from the next week.